Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An EXCITING new project!!!


Usually I create my paintings of people and pets in my  comfortable, air-conditioned studio.  I have a frig for snacks and drinks, easels to support my work, a sink for rinsing brushes, music, lots of space...even a beautiful cat named Pablo PiCATso for company.  There is no wind and no bugs. 

But I don't care about all that cushy comfort, because I have an exciting new project in the works!!!

The project is...


How did this come about?  My neighbor, Betty, asked me if I would paint her three horses on her trailer.  There is way more to the story, of course, because don't all stories contain elements of serendipity and surprise and coincidence and convolution?  But for now, that's all you need to know.
This is Betty with Apollo, her beautiful Palomino.  He isn't usually so fancy with the bows in his mane; this was taken after a Christmas parade.

Betty's trailer is BIG, but she backed it into our pole barn bay like she was threading a needle.  I have tried several times to back up a golfcart hitched with a small 17 cubic foot dump trailer and I jack-knife every time, so I was mighty impressed by Betty's skill.

This is the scaffolding I scrounged together from concrete blocks and pallets.  It is the perfect working height and I will be able to comfortably reach every part of my 50 inch high by 80 inch wide "canvas".

Betty's husband, Don, did all the tedious prep sanding.  He took the old finish off right down to the bare aluminum.  I did a final sanding with very fine grit paper and a vibratory sander.  Thank goodness for the Ryobi cordless system.

For the last many weeks, knowing this project was coming up, I have been researching automotive paint finishes and it has opened up a whole new world to me.  I have learned so much by hanging out on custom motorcycle websites with airbrush and pinstriping artists with names like "CrossEye" and "Crash".  I feel confident I could walk into any one of those "pimp my ride" places and speak knowledgeably about clear-coat and surface prep and K2 urethane drop coats.  I have learned to appreciate decorative auto graphics and I understand the appeal of skulls and flames...and even flaming skulls.  Eventually I will need my own nickname.  "Bootsy" has been suggested.

 First, I am going to wash the area to be painted with a special automotive grease and wax remover, then wash that away with clear water and buff it dry. Next I will carefully mask off the part of the trailer I will not be painting (that's MOST of the trailer, thank goodness).
Then I will use this High Build Primer Surfacer when the wind dies down.  IF the wind dies down.  It is a beautiful day here in Florida, but there is a strong breeze from the N-NW.  For my loved ones in cold places (Minnesota!), here are some photos of this gorgeous 76 degree day.

In the next post I will show you the sketches for the mural and some of the hundreds of photos I have taken of my beautiful equine models.

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All the best, Jandi


Unknown said...

Beautiful description of an interesting project from a beautiful woman. XXXXXXXXXXXXX Dan

BettyBoop said...

I am so blessed to know a Real Artist. This whole journey started with a call in the wind to Jan. We talked one day when I was riding Apollo by her house and Jan came out introduced herself and said, " I'd Love to Paint You and Your Horse". Ha, that was a few years ago and here we are. Not so sure she was talking on the side of a horse trailer but figure why not it was worth the call four years later. Jan I must say I only wish we had got to know each other four years ago.I find you are a,very Talented artist also one of my clients, whom has his degree in art along with his wife ,who are now retired were more than impressed with your ability as an Artist. With this said I really look forward to growing our friendship and watch you transform a large piece of aluminum into a forever treasured mural. I tip my hat and Thank You So Much for taking on a project out of your comfort zone.Your Friend, Betty,,,,,,,the girl with a trailer.......:):):):):):)

Unknown said...

a great project for you; you will have EVERYONE calling you..ha
And the nickname, "bootsy", absolutely appropriate!! Have fun with rock!!

Karen (friend of Betty Boop)

Unknown said...

Wonderful blog!

SteamyKitchen said...

oooh I can't wait to see more photos!